Monday, August 18, 2008


I am done with delivering the paper now and will be stamping sometime this week , I can't wait as I have not stamped in a few months and I miss it badly . I have a bit of organizing to do this week as well . I purchased some organizer cubes that were on clearence at Michael's this last week , they normaly sold for $34.99 each and I got 7 of them for less the $75.00 , 5 of them have 3 drawers each in them and the other 2 have 9 pockets in them , they had sold out of the ones with shelves in them , darn it .
While I was shopping at Michael's this last week I picked up a goodie to give away and I think you will like it . So check back near the end of the week for a Lastel's Loot post and a card or two , maybe sooner if I am lucky enough to get some stamping done before then . Thanks for stopping by and we'll see ya soon !


  1. You will love your cubes...I have the Target ones and I love them! I won't tell you just HOW MANY I have! LOL! ;)

  2. sounds like you scored! They sound really nice

  3. YAY!!!! YOU ARE BACK!!! can't wait to see what you stamp! :D


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