Friday, January 30, 2009

Cards 4 Kids

I made about 28 of these for the Cards 4 Kids that Pat Adam had announced on her blog for Children's Hospital , for the kids to hand out to friends and family on valentines day , they are post card style . A friend of mine also added a handful for me to send as well . Hers are the pink ones . If you want to send her some cards , click on the link for details . Also Carolina is giving away some great blog candy if you send some cards , check it out by clicking on her name , and be sure to click here for her other blog candy, her contests end the 31st . Pat's deadline is Feb. 7th .


  1. WOW! How awesome!! What a great thing to do!! :)

  2. AWESOME! What a very very sweet thing to do. You should feel great! They look great!

  3. These came out adorable! Thanks so much for entering my blog candy and for contributing to such a great cause!

  4. Lastel...adorable cards for the Kids!!
    Going to snag for Grands. AND, do a couple for
    pediatrics ward in hospital.
    Thank you.
    your Canadian #1 fan....

  5. It's so nice that you participated. I love your postcards! Don't know if you heard about the total that pat has received, but it is now well over 3,000 cards! Can you believe it!?! Thanks for helping with this. Don't forget that I have blog candy too if you haven't signed up for it yet! Best, Curt


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