Saturday, February 16, 2008

Handcrafted Earrings for my DIL & Tagged !

I made these 2 pair of earrings for my DIL whose birthday is on Monday the 18th , I hope she likes them , these are some of her favorite colors , glass and shell beads purchased at Michaels and Walmart . Handstamped the cards to display them on .

I was tagged by Kim !

1. Stamping Style: Elegant , love anything that is pretty or adorable .
2. Inspiration: I really enjoy the sketch challanges on SCS , plus a ton of blogs !
3. Color: Love purple , hot pink , black , red , cobalt blue .
4. Work Space: I stamp mostly at the kitchen table , and my supplies are scattered between the kitchen and bedroom .
5. Perfect day: Any day that the sun is shining and everyone is in a good cooperative mood and I wake up to lots of great comments in my email box .
6. First Job: In Junior High , summer job as a janitor assistant for the school district .
7. Wildest dream: Is that I win the lottery and move from my apartment into the home of my dreams with an awesome stamp room and own a brand new car for the first time in my life and that I am at my goal weight .
8. Ink: SU and Brilliance and Versafine .
9. Family: My sweetheart Demitri and 2 sons Dan 26 & Kody 13 .
10. Beverage: I love raspberry ice tea, Crystal Light fruit punch , Wild Cherry Pepsi & water .
11. Biggest Challenge: Dealing with my Autistic son Kody and living with cronic knee pain , and losing wieght .
I will tag all my SBS 10 Sisters , you know who you are !


  1. Lucky DIL. They are both beautiful, but I'm partial to the purple hearts.

  2. The earrings are so lovely and I LOVE how you packaged them on pretty cardstock - what a fantastic idea! I am sure she will love such a thoughtful and beautiful gift - lucky her!

  3. beautiful earings and packaging...

  4. I'm sure your DIL will love them. I know I would If I received them. How very thoughtful. SBS10 Lisa :)

  5. You're just so talented! She will love them, and cherish them as well, I'm sure! what a great present -- cheers! (Alyssa, SBS10)

  6. oohhh I love dangle earrings!! They are just so pretty and FUN!

  7. Love the V-Day cards; those are all adorable!!!

  8. Pretty earrings. I know she'll love them, but if she doesn't I'll give you my address.:)

  9. Those are beautiful, I love your blog like the descriptions of you and your life. You go girl, reach for your dreams and you will reach your goal! Good luck.

  10. You know some days I just come here for the tranquility. You should have browsing post?

  11. The earings are great! I especially like the purple ones! But then purple is one of my favorite colors! Thanks for the tag! I'll be posting soon!
    SBS10 Sarah

  12. Gorgeous professionally presented too!

  13. Ooooh! I love the earings! So you are a fabulous stamper and also beautiful jewlrey maker/designer! WOW - I'm jealous of all your creative energy!!
    SBS 10


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